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Competitive Character Writing

Studies show that social interactivity enhances learning. Nimble Lingo pairs you with other learners to practice your reading and writing skills in a competition-based, socially interactive environment.

Decomposition Tool

Maximize your retention with cognitive connections and word associations by learning the building blocks of Chinese characters.

Animated Guidance

Learn stroke order and new characters seamlessly with visual guides that makes the learning process easy and fun.
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Everything you need to learn Chinese Characters!

Practice Mode

Learn to write Chinese characters at your own pace with our practice mode designed for meaningful learning and maximized retention.

Public and Custom Lists

Study and compete with an ever-growing collection of vocabulary lists.


See where you rank in the Community.

Global Community

Stay connected to an international community of language learners, just like you, to practice with anytime, anywhere.

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Users love Nimble Lingo

"I don’t even know Chinese, but just following along with stroke order animation on the canvas is very therapeutic."
Austin W
"Really cool, one of those ideas that almost seems obvious in retrospect but only after somebody put in a tremendous amount of work making it so."
Mike L
"My students would love this!"
Chinese Professor, Defense Language Institute
"Way more fun than Duolingo!"
Heather F
"This solves the worst part about learning Mandarin for me, having nobody around to practice with."
Deshaun H
"Babel Dabble makes learning Mandarin fun again."
Amanda E

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